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Whisky Portfolio Specialist – William Grant and Sons

Elizabeth (Beth) is resident Whisky Specialist for PMA/William Grant & Sons. Beth’s mission is to champion trade education and advocacy for all William Grant & Sons Whisky products and to position William Grant & Sons as a world leader

in whisky. Prior to joining the William Grant & Sons team, Beth most recently held sales, marketing and brand specialist positions at Diageo. She is a graduate of The University of Guelph and has completed her Wine and Spirits Education through The International Sommelier Guild.

Meet Beth at a VIP MASTERCLASS, in the Festival TASTING ROOM or at the CRAFT AND STAG - Uncovering the family traditions of The Balvenie & Glenfiddich special whisky event.

J. WHEELOCK – Whisky Insider

Based in Calgary, Alberta, having recently joined the Authentic Wines and Spirits team in Calgary (Dalmore, Jura, Glendronach, BenRiach, Compass Box), J.’s role is to connect with like-minded individuals, groups and establishments, from the Prairies to the Pacific, espousing the virtues of the whiskies he’s been charged

to represent. “My vision is to help establish Canada as a major consumer on the world stage, which ultimately means we get more of the unique and hard-to-find bottlings,” he says. “I like to call it ‘collective selfishness’.”


Meet J at a VIP MASTERCLASS or in the Festival TASTING ROOM.


Marcus VonAlbrecht is a diversified specialist in the culinary and hospitality industry with over twenty-seven years of professional experience working with clients and students from across Canada and internationally.

VonAlbrecht & Associates brings in private casks of single malt whiskey with limited quantity of up to 700 bottles worldwide. His Scotch and Chocolate classes have caught the attention of thousands of people attending HopScotch or the Victoria Whisky Festival.

Marcus will be in the TASTING ROOM at the Festival.

DAN TULLIO – Canadian Whisky Master Ambassador


Canadian Whisky Master Ambassador Dan Tullio has been one of the spirit industry’s most influential brand ambassadors. Dan has been with Beam Inc. for over 30 years.  His passion, pride, and knowledge of the Canadian Club portfolio of brands, CC Dock No. 57, Windsor Canadian, the Alberta Premium family including Alberta Premium 100% rye and Dark Horse, as well as Alberta Pure Vodka, have created strong brand loyalty and brand immersion among consumers and the trade. Known worldwide for his expertise, Dan continues to make a terrific impact on Beam Inc. whisky brands in every market he visits.

Meet Dan at a VIP MASTERCLASS, in the Festival TASTING ROOM or at the GREAT WHISK(E)Y DEBATE special whisky event.

JOHN HALL – Owner / Master Distiller, Forty Creek Whisky

John Hall has brought new life to the Canadian Whisky category. His Forty Creek Whisky has become the fastest growing Canadian Whisky in North America. It is the first successfully launched Canadian Whisky brand in over 70 years. John’s passion for whisky making and unique approach has garnered Forty Creek whiskies highly coveted double gold and gold medals from the world’s most respected competitions. He has been recognized by Whisky Advocate Magazine as Pioneer of the Year, his distillery has been awarded Distillery of the Year by Whisky Magazine, and his Limited Editions have been chosen as Canadian Whisky of the Year in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Meet John at a VIP MASTERCLASS or in the Festival TASTING ROOM.

DON LIVERMORE – Canadian Master Blender


Born in Fordwich, Ontario, a small town one hour north of Waterloo, Canadian Master Blender Dr. Don Livermore showed a keen interest in microbiology at

a tender age. After beginning his career as a microbiologist in quality assurance

at Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd, he then worked in Research and Product Development for 11 years before taking the helm as Master Blender in early January 2012. A pioneer in analytic techniques in the brewing and distilling industry using infrared sensors, Don has also authored a chapter in The Alcohol Textbook 4th Edition, an industry reference standard for scientists and engineers.

Meet Don at a VIP MASTERCLASS or in the Festival TASTING ROOM.

DAN VOLWAY – Brand Ambassador, Western Canada – The Macallan, Highland Park and The Famous Grouse

For years Dan had imbibed on fine wines until a longtime friend introduced him

to scotch whisky and effectively converted his grape biased palette to appreciate the nuances of fine hand-crafted scotch. Dan fell madly in love with The Macallan, Highland Park and Famous Grouse – brands known across the globe for their heritage, quality and unrivalled approach to whisky making. When the opportunity arose to represent his favourite scotch portfolio in Western Canada, Dan jumped at the chance and was willing to move across the country from Toronto to Vancouver to fulfill his duty as Brand Ambassador.

Meet Dan at a VIP MASTERCLASS, in the Festival TASTING ROOM or at the GREAT WHISK(E)Y DEBATE special whisky event.

EOIN DERHAM – Jameson® Brand Ambassador, Western Canada


Eoin was born and raised just outside the city of Cork, Ireland. He completed his degree in Business and Marketing at the University of Limerick. Prior to joining the Jameson® Graduate Program, Eoin worked at L'Oreal and Red Bull and also spent his summers working as a binman in Greenstar which still haunts him to this day! Eoin’s dream has always been to be a part of the Jameson® Graduate Program. He loves travelling and has been to many different countries. He spent last year as a Jameson® Ambassador in Missouri and is looking forward to new experiences in Western, Canada.


Eoin will be in the TASTING ROOM at the Festival.



The passion for Malt Whisky has been more engrained in Mike rather than acquired. As a third generation distiller, the Grandson of the last Manager of the now long silent Port Charlotte Distillery and, whose other, paternal Grandfather can be seen in a sepia photograph from the early 1900’s, hanging in Caol Ila, it has been his preoccupation and his life. Mike’s Father, a Scotch Grain Whisky Distiller, meant that the ambience of distilling was never far away, even as a child.


Meet Mike at a VIP MASTERCLASS or in the Festival TASTING ROOM.

KEITH TRUSLER – Scotch Brand Ambassador, Western Canada


Keith has been tending bar for the past 10 years, for which the last five he has run the bar program at Blue Water Café in Vancouver, one of Canada’s finest restaurants with an impressive selection of whiskies. He is a huge fan of scotch, fine food, and wine. Keith is a passionate amateur chef and loves to shop the market for the best possible ingredients to create an epic dinner to go along with an epic single malt scotch – The Glenlivet®!


Meet Keith at a VIP MASTERCLASS or in the Festival TASTING ROOM.

RUARAIDH MACINTYRE – Glenmorangie & Ardbeg Single Malts Brand Ambassador

Ruaraidh Macintyre, Canadian Brand Ambassador for Ardbeg and Glenmorangie, is a professional whisky tutor with a real passion for educating audiences on the delight of single malt. Ruaraidh's background in science also gives him a unique point of view to educate the world about the technical genius that makes Glenmorangie and Ardbeg pioneers in the whisky world. Ruaraidh worked at the Ardbeg distillery for 4 years, following a path tread by his father and started by his great-grandfather. He specialised in tours, tastings, and telling tall tales. Having grown up around Ardbeg, he's uniquely placed to make you discover its rich heritage and world acclaim single malts.

Meet Ruaraidh at a VIP MASTERCLASS or in the Festival TASTING ROOM.

MATT JONES – Bartender, Mixologist and Whisky Ambassador

Classically trained mixologist and performance bartender, Matt Jones has a wealth of experience in the alcohol beverage industry – over 13 years of experience in various roles including instructor, foodservice and hospitality consultant, public speaker and media spokesperson. The role that is his favourite is that of Whisky Ambassador, tapping into his love of whisk(e)y. His passion for Canadian, Scotch, Irish and American whiskies is evident in his knowledge of the products. Since 2010 he has been Beam Inc. Canada’s whisk(e)y ambassador for brands such as Cooley, Canadian Club, Alberta Distillers, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark.

Meet Matt at a VIP MASTERCLASS, in the Festival TASTING ROOM or at the GREAT WHISK(E)Y DEBATE special whisky event.